Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Although I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked during the weekend Beta event that Bioware ran for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I did manage to have an extremely good time playing what I did. This is just a blog to round-up my experiences during that time and generally give across my impressions on what I think, is the most fun I’ve had in an MMO for a very long time.

Update 18/12/2011: After playing the full retail version of the game for a couple of days now, I’m actually loving the Sith Juggernaut class and I am right now, focusing solely on that character. I have no others at the moment and for the time being, I’m keeping it that way. I can see myself, in the future, trying out the other classes as well, but my main will be my Juggernaut. I’m already level 21 and having a blast, so you can look forward to hearing more about my exploits in The Old Republic soon enough.

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