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Now, that title may bring all sorts of thoughts into your head, but it’s true. I look at reviews of Triple-A games and it doesn’t swing my opinion back or forth on whether I’m going to buy the game or not. It has no effect on me whatsoever. Especially if it’s a game I’ve followed for a long time. There are many reasons why I still decide to read them, though. Sometimes it’s because of who’s doing the writing, such as Giant Bomb‘s review of Uncharted 3. Other times it’s purely out of curiosity to see what a harsh critic thinks of these games. These are completely irrelevant to my purchasing decisions and they haven’t for some time.

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So after finishing L.A. Noire I had mixed feelings about the game. It was definitely a good story, though I didn’t enjoy some of the events in the game after the Vice Desk. The ending also didn’t really sit well with me, as it felt like it left a lot of questions unanswered. That being said, I did really enjoy a lot of the games cases and generally had a good time with it. So I was happy to hear that the pre-order downloadable content was coming out a lot sooner than I previously thought.

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Restrepo was a really interesting movie, and I’m really glad I heard about it. (from the Philip DeFranco Movie club a while back, just one of the YouTubers I regularly watch). It really shows how hard the life of a soldier can be, and really how normal some of them are. Even in the hardest times they still managed to try and keep spirits up and have a little fun, but bad things still hit them very hard.

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