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So I’m starting to see where this game might fall when it comes to playing “Single Player.” While I do know that this game is a co-op experience, as you progress it seems to scale to that, rather than how many players are in the game. The difficulty curve since I hit level 3 has kind of…exploded into vast armies of smelly goblins. Too many for one mere fighter to kill off easily. Lots of potions being bought, drank, and the block button being abused more. Yet, I’m still on the same fucking quest. Clearly, the way this game saves is character based, saving the progress, loot and experience of your character, but the quests only seem to get saves once you actually finish them. Ouch. Not to mention this quest being quite long. It’s been kind of a nightmare.

And after a few days, and about 3 tries, finally the quest has been completed. Shopping for armor, and seeing what loot you’ve picked up is essential to progressing in this game, as it helps so much during combat to have that little extra damage, or armor than your opponents. Also, knowing your abilities can help a bunch. Now I can safely say, I know I can make some progress tomorrow, completing some more of the game and continuing this silly humans adventures in these dwarven mines. Hopefully I’ll see the back of this place soon… I’ll be happy to leave and see something different.

Next quest complete! This one I had to rescue a captured Dwarf miner. Once found, he required me to gather his equipment, then escort him back to his family. These pieces of equipment, claimed to be family heirlooms were guarded by the one other enemy force in these caverns: SKELETONS! Though they seem to be easier than goblins, they certainly come in with lots of the weakest kind first. Which, admittedly, is extremely fun to fight, since they are downed in a couple of hits. You just cut through them and get to the meatier (or..not, since they have no meat) captains and archers which tend to be on fire. This quest seemed a lot easier, as the encounters weren’t as large, and each time it was easier to focus on the groups leaders, such as Shamans or Hexers. It was also a lot shorter, having about half the objectives of this new quest. This makes me think the difficulty curve might be a bit wonky, or at least suited better for the co-op environment, but we shall see.

Optional quest 2 done! Again with these quests not being so frustrating…not sure what’s going on. Also managed to level up to 4! It’s going a lot faster than I expected, perhaps the unintentional grinding I did in the previous quests…no matter! It had me killing crazed dwarves who decided to set the whole place on fire. It was a bit..strange killing dwarves, but it was different, which is good. Wasn’t too long either so it sets me up for the obvious main quest line which have much bigger and meaner quests to deal with. Maybe soon I can get out of this dungeon. I’m getting a bit sick of the sight of it.

Seems like those Crazed dwarves were being poisoned by contaminated water. The water being protected by a buttload of goblins. It seems, however, the story is starting to get going, as I was treated to a fancy cut-scene of art, explaining what’s been happening in Daggerdale as of late. Looks like my time in this mine is coming to an end…


After vanquishing the Goblin homes and allowing the Dwarves to continue mining in their vast caverns, Udoroar found a Dwarf willing to make him a new weapon! This little dwarf required an escort to go make the weapon, and so Udoroar helped him out.

This is the first option quest I came across, and the reward was definitely useful. I had previously leveled up (which takes a very long time in this game, which is a nice change of pace from other RPG or leveling systems in games today). Making my skills more powerful provided me with the ability to fend off a lot of Goblins as the dwarf hammered away at the anvil, making the new weapon! Once I had escorted him back to his home, he rewarded me and I went on my merry way to continue my epic quest.

After continuing on in the game, finding items for the other dwarven residents and killing a ton of different goblins (and even SKELETONS!) I find myself really enjoying the combat of this game. The whole game just feels like something that you don’t see often enough today, with a review I won’t mention complaining about all the things I’m actually enjoying the game for. There’s something to say about games that aren’t “AAA” and just set out to achieve one goal, and in the case of Daggerdale, it’s making a fun DnD game that you can pick up, play for a little bit, have a bunch of fun and then go back to it later. Especially with it’s Co-Op capabilities.

Though one thing it has reminded me about old-school gaming…Save Early and Save often. Let me explain the situation I found myself in.

I had completed the first couple of sections of the main quest I found myself on after the escort quest mentioned above, where I had last saved and put down the game. I found myself against a huge swarm of Goblins, some of them quite powerful. After dispatching all but two, popping health potions and all my powers along the way, I died. Overwhelmed, obviously, by their previous numbers and my lack of decent use of my shields block. When it loaded me back into the game, I found myself at the exact save point I ended in. Ouch. Though it wasn’t necessarily that much time I lost, it still made me feel a bit annoyed. Especially with the amount of time you spend leveling up and trying to kill these silly little goblins. The state of my thoughts on the gave haven’t changed however, as I’m still playing and continuing my adventures!

Good thing this happened, as now I remember to save whenever I make significant progress!

Udoroar Milner, Human Fighter, Level 1.

That’s the name and class I’ve chose to play Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. The fact that the name is randomly generated is fantastic when it comes up with distinctive DnD names that no one could easily come up with on their own. Hilarious.

As I started playing this game, I had mixed feelings. I knew it looked fun as I had watched the Giant Bomb quick-look (seen here) but I had my doubts after hearing a lot of “similar to Diablo” conversations going around, as I didn’t really enjoy Diablo 2 when I tried it. While I did feel like this could be worth my time or a complete waste, I decided the trial was definitely worth a shot.

So after downloading the trial and creating Udoroar (lol) I played the game until the end of the trial, which was rather short. I enjoyed my time enough to decide I’m buying this game then, although I felt that the more things I killed in the game were barrels! Why? The barrels totally drop gold when you kill them. I know that Diablo was all about loot, but the fact that the combat feels fluid, interesting and there’s reasoning behind doing all of these things I’ve done so far just makes it more engaging to me than constantly clicking my mouse buttons to do everything.

Meeting lots of dwarves, killing lots of goblins (and barrels!) and traveling through a cave to a dwarven city, I feel like my time leveling up once has been pretty fun. My initial quests have been so simple as to seek people out, talk to them, kill goblins and destroy goblin houses, but it’s been a neat little game so far.

I’ll continue to document the adventures of my Human Fighter as I play the game. I’ll see you guys there.

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