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It’s that time again. The last month of the year is about to being and we have a chance to look back and see what this year has brought unto all of us. There has been a lot of amazing things these year, as well as some not so great moments. It’s the time of Game of the Year awards, Oscar nominees and general discussion about what the future may bring (if we even get past next year, silly end of the world.)

For entertainment in particular, the end of the year has boomed (especially in video games) with a lot of the major and better received releases coming in just this past month, let alone the latter half of the year itself. Some of these have come so late that they aren’t being considered for their awards for this year, and it’s a shame. Thinking about that after talking at the Square Go AGM, it was actually really surprising to hear what games actually still came out this year, such as Dead Space 2. It was one of my favourite games of the year, yet it almost missed a vote from me purely because I forgot about it, being so early on this year.

Even Portal 2 almost didn’t manage to get a mention, if it hadn’t been so commonplace in the media ever since it came out. It really is shocking to look back at all the fantastic games that have been released. The quality, especially since they’re all mostly sequels or threequels is outstanding to the most part.  (Though there has been a common share of disappointment.)

It has definitely made me excited to see what the coming year will bring. There’s a load of games I’m looking forward to not only at the end of this year (Especially after playing the beta of Star Wars: The Old Republic) but early and later in 2012 as well. Not only in games, but movies as well, with the release of The Avengers in the Summer and The Hobbit at Christmas time.

I definitely think next year will be better than this year has been.

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Now, that title may bring all sorts of thoughts into your head, but it’s true. I look at reviews of Triple-A games and it doesn’t swing my opinion back or forth on whether I’m going to buy the game or not. It has no effect on me whatsoever. Especially if it’s a game I’ve followed for a long time. There are many reasons why I still decide to read them, though. Sometimes it’s because of who’s doing the writing, such as Giant Bomb‘s review of Uncharted 3. Other times it’s purely out of curiosity to see what a harsh critic thinks of these games. These are completely irrelevant to my purchasing decisions and they haven’t for some time.

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