This had been one of the worst days in EVE Online I had ever had. I had done a couple of missions in the morning, purely to gain some money and standing with some agents. Pretty regular work with my Cruiser, standard encounters, nothing unusual going wrong or anything. I decided it was time to get to Low Sec Space, getting some more income that I’ve desperately been needing as of late. Boy, was that the wrong move.

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So, using the agent finder, I looked for an agent in low sec space, set my destination and travelled there. The journey itself was pretty long and uneventful. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the station my agent was actually located at, a player was hovering outside. My sensors clearly stated they were hostile. I thought that was fair enough, a lot of players are from different factions and could be hostile towards mine. I figured that I wouldn’t present any threat whatsoever, so I never locked on and just kept going to dock with the station.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t my day, and the enemy player fired on my ship. It tore through my shields very quickly and destroyed my ship before I could dock or even react. Not only that, as soon as my capsule was released, he fired on and destroyed that too. Meaning not only was my ship (luckily it was insured) gone, but I had to use a clone too. I didn’t lose much skill points, thankfully, but it did cost me a lot of money. I spent the next few hours finding a new ship and outfitting it. Flying across the system gathering the Assault Missile Launchers, weapon and shield upgrades, the works. It cost me around 6 or 7 million ISK at that point. Around half of the money I had, but of course, I needed the ship.

Once I had fitted my new ship out, insuring it for as much as possible and creating a new clone in my home base, I decided to go out and do some missions for a level 1 agent that was already pretty high standing with me. A few missions into this, I realise that I’ve now unlocked Level 2 agents. I was pretty excited, as the kind fellow that suggested this ship design and fitting to me said that it should handle Level 2 missions easily. So out I went, to the closest station I could find to try this new set of missions.

The only mission I took on, which included killing Pirates until their leader was eliminated, wasn’t what I thought it would be at all. While I had no trouble taking on the waves on enemies, they just kept on coming. Some of the enemy ships had jammed me, making them priority targets since it prevented me from attacking. However, while I was lasting a while and having no trouble with most of the ships, they kept on coming in vast quantities and they weren’t going down easily. After warping out twice to repair and have a little breather, the third time I went back was a different story. While trying another tactic of focusing on their leaders, a new group warped in before I even finished the current one. They overwhelmed me and destroyed my ship for a second time. While this time I was able to warp away in my capsule, I still lost that ship.

So through all that, I had lost 2 ships, a hell of a lot of loot from the second and all the equipment on them. Two bad encounters resulting in almost 15 Million ISK and a bunch of running around for a ship that didn’t even last a day. I’m currently using my old Destroyer to do some missions, clear out asteroids fields and generally make some money back. I had forgotten how powerful it actually was, and it’s pretty effective too. Aside from that, I’ve started mining again, since I’ve already put as much of my minerals on the market as possible, trying to make as much money as I can. Hopefully it’ll go well.

Either that, or I’ll rely on my friend (who I invited to EVE) to buy EVE, so I get that reward PLEX to sell and share between us. If that happens, getting a new ship won’t be expensive at all.

So that’s how my recent times in EVE have been. Until this day, it was going rather well and was a lot of fun. Though I did have these bad encounters, it hasn’t actually put me off playing in the slightest. (A sign of a great game.) So I’ve got many skills training to try to have more capacitor levels, more damage in my weapons and more defence in my shields. It’ll take a long time, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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