I’ve played a lot of The Old Republic since I first got my early access. I’ve managed to reach level 35 and am now part-way through Chapter 2 of the Sith Warrior storyline. I’ve been granted the title of Sith Lord, have my own starship and 5 different companions. I’ve loved every minute  of it, and it’s been great really digging into an MMO like this again. Though I did enjoy my time with EVE and APB (and I will continue to play this, to some capacity) I just haven’t been sunk in to this extent since World of Warcraft. I’ve done lots of bonus missions, daily Space Combat missions and generally as much of the side planet quests as I want to. I’ve still got a lot that I’ve not experienced on certain planets (I’ve not managed to find many Holocrons or Datacrons as of yet..) but I can’t wait to go back and explore these when I decide to give the story a break.

Though that is becoming increasingly hard to do, as this is one of the best story lines in a game I’ve experienced in a long time, and it’s in an MMO.

WARNING: Here be Spoilers! I talk about events in the Sith Warrior Storyline.

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This game feels very much like Star Wars, and to me, it leans more towards the Original Trilogy and not the Prequels. Though I’m not one who hates on the Prequels as much as most, the feeling that the universe had during and after the Battle of Yavin excites me more. I was always a fan of Dark Forces and that series of games as well as the expanded universe set after the movies. It has many parallels to that section of history, with their being an Empire and a Republic fighting. Though, granted it’s the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic, they fit well as the equivalent of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic.

I decided, as I did in the Beta Weekend, to go with a True Blooded Sith Warrior. As the story progressed, I felt this was the right choice and haven’t ever regretted anything I’ve done so far. Of course, I went with the Sith Juggernaut advanced class, as that’s what I wanted to do in the later game and what I had the most fun with during that Beta Weekend. While the Prologue story generally was your rise as an apprentice to a high-ranking Darth, it progressing interestingly as you venture out under his command to dispose of his spies. The reason you do this is because of a new Jedi Padawan that can sense a persons true allegiance. Chapter 1 is a very interesting and intriguing story with a completely stellar conclusion. Depending on the choices you make, you can actually end up with your own apprentice. Not only do you corrupt her towards the dark side of the force, she becomes a maniac, taking pleasure in the pain of your enemies and turning literally insane. It’s one of the moments that stays with me as it was through my own choices that this occurred. It just shows how great the dialogue system Bioware has been implementing for the past few years is.

Even each planets storyline has had me interested. With fighting between planetary families on Alderaan (including the Organas), all out war with Rebellion Fighters on Balmorra and gang warfare on Nar Shadaa, each planet is completely different. You have many reasons for being there, and to see it through.

As for the Flashpoints, I have to say I’m a little disappointed. The three I have tried after the Black Talon have been kind of generic, which don’t have branching paths and the choices have been kind of lame. Unfortunately, they gave us one of the best to start with, probably making me look forward to the rest. It’s not that they’re necessarily bad. Athiss was fun, and felt like a classic MMO Dungeon experience. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but not as much as the Black Talon blew me away. That being said, I’m not part of a guild and have relied on Pick Up Groups for these activities (and Heroic quests on planets) and have so far just put them off as something I can do later on.

All my companions are interesting, all the abilities I unlock are used and I’m constantly having fun playing this game. It is literally the best MMORPG I’ve ever played, and I’ve already started my secondary character ( a Twi’lek Smuggler). I can see myself playing this game for a very long time, increasing my Legacy level and in general just immersing myself in the Star Wars universe.

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