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Earlier in the year, I bought EVE Online on Steam, after finally letting myself try out the free trial. After a couple of days I knew that this was something I wanted to get into. I bought it on Steam and extended my trial play time with the free 30 days that was rewarded with my new purchase. This wasn’t the very first time I had played, as I had tried it out many years ago. Little did I know just how much I’d enjoy this game, as much as it does resemble “spreadsheets in space.”

The first month or so of play came down to basically doing as many missions as possible. I would go through multiple agents in my first station, save up for a better ship and then repeat. I didn’t really have any preferences when it came to the types of missions. I transported goods (sometimes even Homeless people and prostitutes.) I seeked out and killed Pirates, including their hideouts, and many other different contracts for the Agents available.

One specific set of missions I remember involved a certain well off young women. It was amusing and kept the basic “Take this, to this planet” missions interesting, being clear who CCP are referring to. It was silly, but it made earning that money somewhat memorable as it was something completely different from everything else. Other things I did included ruining some Pirate bases, even testing out a ship purely to destroy it and transport back to the station. It gives you the idea that experimenting is a good thing, and just shows you how easy it is to do whatever you want to. The universe is open to you, and I definitely felt like I was doing exactly what I wanted.

When I decided I wanted to try to make some money while I was out doing these, I spent some cash and time investing into Mining. I bought myself a basic mining vessel and a miner, got some Cargo Expansions and did a few runs of the Asteroid fields nearby. I would save up all of these ores, refine them and sell the results. In these fields, I only seemed to gather the most common ores, or at least the “Dense” and “Concentrated” versions of them. Meaning that the money I was making wasn’t exactly up there with the best of them. There was some lucky times were I managed to scan some rarer minerals, giving myself a bigger boost to my own personal economy.

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I find mining strangely fun and relaxing. There’s not much to it, so I usually use the in-game browser to keep an eye on Twitter, but I enjoy seeing my Cargo Bay fill up full of Ore that I can refine and sell later. It’s a lot more fulfilling making money purely from your own work, similar to working in real life and knowing the entire economy of the game is player driven makes the entire thing even more exciting. Eventually I managed to get enough skill points and money to upgrade my mining laser, meaning I could mine more, faster. Though the Miner II I bought was mainly for mining common ores more quickly, it was exactly the kind of equipment I needed. There wasn’t much uncommon or rare ores around and I didn’t feel confident travelling deeper into the galaxy, just yet.

While these were on the market, I’d jump into my Frigate and continue doing missions. Most days ended up like this, and I had fun each and every time. I would always look to see what skills I would need to upgrade my ships and how much money I’d need to purchase upgrades and equipment to make money in larger quantities and in a far lower amount of time. During my job hunting, I set up a secondary base at another station about four Stargate jumps away. To quickly travel between my “mining” base and my “mission” base, I purchased a small shuttle. This means I had a tiny cargo hold, but a very fast way to transfer myself between stations. This is how I spent my last few days in EVE before the summer came around.

When summer came around, I found myself unable to pay for any more in-game time. No even having anywhere near enough in-game ISK to pay for “Plex” time. So I spent a very long summer without playing at all. Obviously there were other things in the way during this time, but I never thought about it. EVE was just another game that I could play when I had the time and money again. It took the back seat and I didn’t know when it would take up my time again.

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A few weeks after the summer ended, having some extra money in hand, I decided to pay for some game time and get back into my little universe. Going back in, I realized where I was, how my assets were spread around my two base stations and how much money I actually had. Not to mention getting to see for myself how the Captains Quarters actually looks. I decided to focus on Mining for the time being. Getting the money saved up for anything I needed. It was easy for me to get back into and I even had drawn up specific plans in my head (and notebook) about how much ore I’d mine and what I’d do next.

Soon enough, I decided I needed to do something different. I packed up all my stuff and used my Mining Vessel, because it had the biggest cargo hold, to transfer as much of my stuff as possible to my second base. This station, in a lower security zone, had the most stuff and was closer to some Asteroid fields that were known to yield slightly more ores. It was also where I was doing missions, which meant there was less time wasted hopping between stations.

It only took one trip to transfer all the stuff I needed, even packing up my extra ships and taking them with me. I spent a small amount of time doing missions, and realized that I needed to do something different. I needed to venture into the galaxy a little more and experience some of the more wild places in this game, as the money I was making just wasn’t coming in as much as it could. So, for the time being, I travelled the Asteroid fields in the system with my Frigate, killing Pirates I found and obtaining the bounties for them. Meanwhile, selling all the assets I have that I don’t need, either through reprocessing them or outright selling them in the market. Slowly, gaining the skills and money to navigate through the lower security sectors to eventually find myself in the “nul sec” zones, where I can mine better ores and find more lucrative work.

At the same time as all this, I even found myself winning a lottery, giving my some of the new currency to spend. Looking through the new vanity items, I decided to spend it on some “Space Goggles.” Not to use on my character, but to sell for a large sum of money. Hopefully, this will actually sell and allow me to have a little boost to my funds, meaning I can get around a little faster, possibly even getting more advanced ships before I go out, where the fighting will be more common place.

This is where I am in EVE today. I’m still thoroughly enjoying all the aspects of the game and I’m definitely looking forward to venturing deeper into the game. It’s interesting seeing where the game is and where it’s going, especially with DUST being developed which has me very interested. Just flying around still gives me a buzz no other games do these days, and as I trade, fight and mine, I know that this game is definitely unique and has a lot more to it than it seems.

This is just a brief look at the time I’ve spent in EVE Online so far. I do plan on making more progress and will continue playing, hopefully to a point where I can even buy myself some game time using the in-game money. I can’t wait to start experiencing the higher end play of this game, and I certainly want to see how long I’ll last in this massive game.

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