So after finishing L.A. Noire I had mixed feelings about the game. It was definitely a good story, though I didn’t enjoy some of the events in the game after the Vice Desk. The ending also didn’t really sit well with me, as it felt like it left a lot of questions unanswered. That being said, I did really enjoy a lot of the games cases and generally had a good time with it. So I was happy to hear that the pre-order downloadable content was coming out a lot sooner than I previously thought.

These two cases, along with some outfits and challenges, are The Naked City and A Slip of the Tongue, the first being another Vice Case and the second being a Traffic case. They both take place closer to the end of both of these desks, but fit in rather well into the game as a whole while still standing on their own as closed cases.

The first I tried was A Slip of the Tongue, which starts off with a supposed stolen vehicle being spotted, which inevitably leads to a car chase. This would be a pretty short case if that’s all that was going on, so it ends up being quite interesting and you delve into something much deeper as the case progresses. I really enjoyed the pace of this case, and the length didn’t strain on too long or get cut off too soon. It had a good variety of different events as well, with a number of interesting characters showing up. It also looked into the relationship between Cole and Stefan more as partners, which was nice to see after the brief conversations you deal with in the main part of the game. I felt satisfied by the end, and thoroughly enjoyed the case.

So next I went onto the Vice case. A woman is found dead in her own bathtub with sleeping pills everywhere, but the coroner doesn’t think it’s suicide. Again, things aren’t as they appear, and this case leads onto some fairly complex things, even tying in slightly to the other Vice cases in the game. This case seemed to have a much slower pace to me, and definitely didn’t speed up before the end. The interviewers were pretty tough to question and this case had two sections that I just didn’t enjoy anywhere else in the game: following in a car and following a suspect on foot. I just didn’t enjoy it, thankfully it only happened once in the case. Another problem I had is that the case went on a little too long for my liking. By the time I had solved it, I was pretty relieved that it had finally come to an end, though it seemed like that may have been the only end as I didn’t really do well questioning a couple of the suspects.

Overall, I did enjoy these pieces of DLC, though my liking towards the first is clear. The second case might have rubbed me the wrong way because of the dislike of Earle, your partner in Vice, and it’s pretty clear that most of the Vice cases I had particular trouble interviewing suspects. I would suggest to anyone who enjoyed their time in L.A. Noire to pick up these cases, as it definitely adds to the experience and doesn’t detract in any way. More of the same isn’t a bad thing in this case.