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Restrepo was a really interesting movie, and I’m really glad I heard about it. (from the Philip DeFranco Movie club a while back, just one of the YouTubers I regularly watch). It really shows how hard the life of a soldier can be, and really how normal some of them are. Even in the hardest times they still managed to try and keep spirits up and have a little fun, but bad things still hit them very hard.

Seeing how soldiers really react during real-life combat situations was so eye-opening compared to video games like Call of Duty and even Battlefield show, let alone war movies such as Black Hawk Down. They react immediately and don’t show any emotion until they have time to think about what’s just happened to them and who they just lost. The way this is filmed shows you this extremely well, so when you see emotion, it hits you so much harder than it would in a movie. You see the pain these guys go through and you feel it with them. Literally coming under fire every day and still managing to keep their sanity is no small feat. It’s understandable why, at the start of the movie, they explained that they were treated as those coming back from the second World War and Vietnam for the amount of fighting they undertook in just one year spent in a valley. You can tell from the interviews that it stayed with them, and will for the rest of their lives.

It really puts things into perspective, especially one soldier at the end going into detail how he doesn’t want to forget anything that happens, but looks forward to looking at it in a different way. It was truly inspiring and I have nothing but respect for all the armed forces out there, no matter the country. They go through a lot of hell to keep us safe and make sure that they’re fighting for good. It may be in situations that are so much in the grey area that there’s no colour at all, but that’s just how things are these days. It’s not simply just “there’s the bad guys, let’s shoot them.” It’s much darker and scarier than that ever is.

It really made me think about things in a different way, knowing that there is a strength in a lot of people that just comes out when needed. When they need to save someone, or even themselves, people really can do amazing things. I really can’t get across enough how much respect I have for people like this. It was one of the reasons when I was younger why I wanted to join the army. I wanted to be part of that and show how much respect I had by helping them and other people. Making the world a better and safer place. It’s a certain kind of person that can do that, and a lot of that is shown in the Captain of the force in the movie.

Each time you are shown them discussing things with the local elders, you can tell his frustrations with them. He keeps explaining how much he’s trying to help, and each time they make progress, the elders come back and ask them why they’re questioning people and that they should let them go. It’s understandable by the end he gets frustrated to the point where he literally says “I don’t fucking care.” Even at one point elders of a local village come to the Outpost “Restrepo” (named after a fallen friend) to ask why they killed a cow, demanding payment for it because it’s illegal. The cow was killed because it got tangled up in barbed wire they had set up, so they put it out of their misery. They even offered to give them the cows weight in rice, sugar and other things which they refused to take. They just wanted the money. It was just baffling how they can act like this when, from our perspective and the soldiers, they did nothing wrong. Hell, the did that cow a favor. It was in pain and would have bled out on that fence if they hadn’t done anything. It really annoys me how the people they’re directly helping don’t seem to appreciate what they’re doing to try and rid the world of these evil people.

I really suggest that people watch this. Especially if they’re interested to see what real war is like, and not like the video games and movies we’re exposed to. I’m not saying anything bad against those, they’re for entertainment purposes, of course, but it’s sometimes good to see what really happens out there. Puts things in perspective. I’ll leave you guys with the LikeTotallyAwesome review of Restrepo that I mentioned before, by Philip DeFranco and his Nation of fans.