After vanquishing the Goblin homes and allowing the Dwarves to continue mining in their vast caverns, Udoroar found a Dwarf willing to make him a new weapon! This little dwarf required an escort to go make the weapon, and so Udoroar helped him out.

This is the first option quest I came across, and the reward was definitely useful. I had previously leveled up (which takes a very long time in this game, which is a nice change of pace from other RPG or leveling systems in games today). Making my skills more powerful provided me with the ability to fend off a lot of Goblins as the dwarf hammered away at the anvil, making the new weapon! Once I had escorted him back to his home, he rewarded me and I went on my merry way to continue my epic quest.

After continuing on in the game, finding items for the other dwarven residents and killing a ton of different goblins (and even SKELETONS!) I find myself really enjoying the combat of this game. The whole game just feels like something that you don’t see often enough today, with a review I won’t mention complaining about all the things I’m actually enjoying the game for. There’s something to say about games that aren’t “AAA” and just set out to achieve one goal, and in the case of Daggerdale, it’s making a fun DnD game that you can pick up, play for a little bit, have a bunch of fun and then go back to it later. Especially with it’s Co-Op capabilities.

Though one thing it has reminded me about old-school gaming…Save Early and Save often. Let me explain the situation I found myself in.

I had completed the first couple of sections of the main quest I found myself on after the escort quest mentioned above, where I had last saved and put down the game. I found myself against a huge swarm of Goblins, some of them quite powerful. After dispatching all but two, popping health potions and all my powers along the way, I died. Overwhelmed, obviously, by their previous numbers and my lack of decent use of my shields block. When it loaded me back into the game, I found myself at the exact save point I ended in. Ouch. Though it wasn’t necessarily that much time I lost, it still made me feel a bit annoyed. Especially with the amount of time you spend leveling up and trying to kill these silly little goblins. The state of my thoughts on the gave haven’t changed however, as I’m still playing and continuing my adventures!

Good thing this happened, as now I remember to save whenever I make significant progress!