Udoroar Milner, Human Fighter, Level 1.

That’s the name and class I’ve chose to play Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. The fact that the name is randomly generated is fantastic when it comes up with distinctive DnD names that no one could easily come up with on their own. Hilarious.

As I started playing this game, I had mixed feelings. I knew it looked fun as I had watched the Giant Bomb quick-look (seen here) but I had my doubts after hearing a lot of “similar to Diablo” conversations going around, as I didn’t really enjoy Diablo 2 when I tried it. While I did feel like this could be worth my time or a complete waste, I decided the trial was definitely worth a shot.

So after downloading the trial and creating Udoroar (lol) I played the game until the end of the trial, which was rather short. I enjoyed my time enough to decide I’m buying this game then, although I felt that the more things I killed in the game were barrels! Why? The barrels totally drop gold when you kill them. I know that Diablo was all about loot, but the fact that the combat feels fluid, interesting and there’s reasoning behind doing all of these things I’ve done so far just makes it more engaging to me than constantly clicking my mouse buttons to do everything.

Meeting lots of dwarves, killing lots of goblins (and barrels!) and traveling through a cave to a dwarven city, I feel like my time leveling up once has been pretty fun. My initial quests have been so simple as to seek people out, talk to them, kill goblins and destroy goblin houses, but it’s been a neat little game so far.

I’ll continue to document the adventures of my Human Fighter as I play the game. I’ll see you guys there.